Crooked Hillary, Seth Rich Murder, DNC Leaks

Why do the Clinton’s name always
get mentioned in the same sentence
along with murder?

The Internet is a truly maddening
phenomenon. It both destroys
false narratives and creates them.

The investigation into the murder
of Seth Rich has been stymied for
months by a “stand down” order
given to the Washington, DC
Metropolitan Police, according to
Rod Wheeler, the private investigator
initially hired by Seth’s parents and
who made this shocking announcement
last week. In addition, Wheeler said
that he was in contact with a credible
FBI agent who saw Seth’s computer
and its contents, as well as the FBI’s
case file, indicating that Seth had
been in communication with
WikiLeaks prior to his violent death.

However, Wheeler said on Hannity,
that every time he spoke with DC
Metro Police about connecting Seth
Rich with WikiLeaks, he was
immediately “shut down.” He notes
that the FBI wouldn’t even be
involved in a regular homicide unless
there were an aspect of the case,
linking it to something of national
significance. Wheeler says that when
he first reached out to the DC Police
last March, his call went unanswered
for several days, during which time
he received a call from Seth’s parents,
saying that they’d received a call from
a high-level operative of the DNC,
asking them what Wheeler was
doing, “Snooping around.”

On May 20th, Seth’s parents did a
press conference, in which among
other things, they instructed Wheeler
to “cease and desist” and to not speak
of the case publicly any further. One
wonders whether Seth’s parents are
under duress. Their new spokesman
is the ballistic DNC Public Relations
Crisis Manager, Brad Bauman, of the
Pastorum Group. Why is someone
like that representing the Rich family?
Isn’t that highly suspicious?

The statements of Bauman do not
sound like he is representing Seth
Rich, they sound like he is defending
the DNC at all costs, stating angrily
that people who believe Seth may
have leaked DNC emails “Deserve a
place in hell” and that the Rich family
is “Devastated” that Wheeler has not
ruled out a WikiLeaks connection.

Wouldn’t the family be more
interested in learning who murdered
their son than to be “Devastated” by
a WikiLeaks connection?

Those who would TOTALLY be
devastated by such a connection
would be the DNC, as it will collapse
their bogus “Russian Hacking”
narrative, once and for all.

Bauman has gone on a Twitter tirade,
accusing Kim Dotcom of being an
opportunist and asking why he was
not at Seth’s funeral if he really
cared so much about him? There
are many reasons for that. The
nature of Kim Dotcom’s relationship
with Seth would have been extremely
secretive. In addition, Kim Dotcom
resides in New Zealand and is
currently fighting extradition to the
US to face felony copyright
infringement charges stemming
from his once very successful file-
sharing website,,
so he’s in a similar but less severe
position regarding the US Government
as is his sometime collaborator,
Julian Assange.

Bauman went so far as to say, on
May 17th, “The family is officially
asking for a retraction and an
apology from Fox News and from
the Fox 5 DC affiliate for inaccurate
reporting and damaging the legacy
of their son.”

Meanwhile, the reputations of Rod
Wheeler, Kim Dotcom, WikiLeaks
and Seth Rich are all being decimated
in this process. Since when is it a
shock that people can get into trouble
for messing with powerful people,
as have all of the above?

This video, posted to YouTube, also
on May 17th is of Seth’s parents, in
which they personally break their
silence of several months to thank
the thousands of people investigating
their son’s murder. Some commenters
say that this video had originally
surfaced in April on the family’s
GoFundMe page. However, there is
no video posted there.

Unfortunately, it is likely that the
spotlight that Seth’s murder has finally
received will quickly fade into the
background, in the wake of the
alleged suicide bombing in a Manchester,
UK stadium at the end of a concert by
Ariana Grande, which many YouTubers
are already dissecting as a hoaxed
False Flag attack, just in time for the
G7 Summit and replete with crisis actors.
One might even speculate that this was
the actual intent of the alleged bombing.