The Clintons, the FBI, and Blackmail Of Public Officials

We all know the Clintons are crooks.

We all the know the Republicans are crooks (and worse.)

We all know the FBI is corrupt.

Here’s how all these facts wove together when the Clintons ordered the FBI to run an illegal surveillance and political retaliation campaign against the Republicans who were impeaching Slick Willie (aka Bill Clinton.)

It didn’t take the FBI long to dig up evidence of massive wrongdoing on the part of some Republicans.

For example, the FBI developed a thick file of evidence that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was engaged in sex crimes against children.

But here’s what happened…

The Clintons, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the mainstream news media let him stay in office for YEARS in order to have a pawn that they could control.

When Hastert was finally forced out – years later – he retired into a massive pay day as a lobbyist for the government of Turkey.