This Australian Fruit Extract Killed Cancer in 48 Hours

The next big cancer treatment
may be one derived from the
blushwood berry, found only
in a small region within the
rainforests of Australia’s
northern tip called the Atherton
Tablelands. The fruit contains
compounds that began killing
off cancer cells and destroying
cancerous tumors almost
immediately after application
during a study conducted by
the QIMR Berghofer Medical
Research Institute in
Queensland, Australia.

The drug, called EBC-46, is
produced by extracting a
compound from the blushwood
berry. Single injections directly
into melanoma lesions and into
cancers of the head, neck and
colon in animals, destroyed
tumors long term in more than
70% of cases, according to the
study’s lead author, Dr Glen
Boyle, said.

“In preclinical trials we injected
it into our models and within
five minutes, you see a purpling
of the area that looks like a
bruise,” said Dr Boyle.

“About 24 hours later, the tumor
area goes black, a couple of days
later you see a scab, and at
around the 1.5 week mark, the
scab falls off, leaving clean skin
with no tumor there. The speed
certainly surprised me.”

Researchers believe the drug
triggers a cellular response which
cuts off the blood supply to the
tumor by opening it up. That’s
why we see a bruise-like situation
forming in the tumor,” Boyle said.
“This seems to lead to an
activation of the body’s own
immune system which then
comes in and cleans up the mess.”

The trial was conducted by
veterinarians on about 300
various animals with cancer,
including dogs, cats and horses.
There was no evidence that
EBC-46 would be effective
against metastatic cancers
which have spread within the

A woman is interviewed here,
who had a persistent melanoma
and was looking at having her
arm amputated. She describes
how when the EBC-46 was
injected into the lesion, it
reacted by turning a dark color,
then falling off. The blushwood
berry extract is thought to cut
off the oxygen supply to cancer
cells, causing their removal
without the need for surgery,
chemotherapy or radiation

Under the microscope, the
individual cancer cells began
shriveling up and dying within
moments of coming into contact
with EBC-46.