Las Vegas 2nd Shooter, Many Videos, Who Benefits?

A few videos to consider….here is a good one:

Many of us have by now seen the video taken by a Las Vegas taxi driver from the driveway in front of the Mandalay Bay hotel, in which we hear hundreds of rounds being shot, from both at close range and far away from the cab as a mile or more.

Using the Google Earth program, this stunning video demonstrates how the shots being fired at close range may very well have been fired from the canopy located above the Mandalay Bay hotel driveway, which is actually situated at a much easier vantage point to the targeted concertgoers than from the much-vaunted 32nd floor and how this scenario better explains the sounds we’ve all heard of the gunfire – and also how incredibly easy it would have been for a gunman firing from this this driveway canopy to escape on foot over the vast mezzanine-level of rooftop to the parking lot behind the Mandalay Bay hotel complex.

“More people from the service industry in Las Vegas have contacted me to tell me that there were multiple shooters and multiple hotel lobbies that were shot up last Sunday night.
I believe it possible that the truth of the Las Vegas false flag operation might actually resist the complete obfuscation by the Mainstream Media seen in previous similar events, due to the ubiquity of cell phones and social media.
The Las Vegas Shooting will be a test of the MSM’s ability to wage psychological warfare, let alone to stay relevant in an environment where the systems used to track the public are now being used by the public to track the system.
However, I was contacted by a retired military intelligence veteran who advised me to lay off writing about these Las Vegas eyewitness accounts, for my own safety.

So for now, I’ll simply ask who benefits from the organized horror that was perpetrated in Las Vegas?

Those who envision the TSA as a growth industry benefit. Those who want to put Rapiscan machines in hotels, grocery stores and everywhere else one could imagine – they benefit.

Security Theater benefits.

TruthStreamMedia knocks it out of the park once again with this video.”

The accused shooter had been coming to Las Vegas since 2006, once or twice a month.

That’s over 100 visits – and every visit was tracked.

Las Vegas casino hotels are among the most secure public spaces on earth.

Guests are profiled, rooms with “Do Not Disturb” signs on them for more than 12 hours are noted, guns are looked for and guests with guns are removed etc. etc.

The “lone gunman with an arsenal” story gets more and more unbelievable…….

This video is the best of those I’ve seen so far, aggregating over a dozen cameras over the 10:42-minute course of the Las Vegas shooting one week ago today. It is extremely interesting to see how the event took shape using this method and if you’re already familiar with one or more pieces of footage, it’s even more interesting to see how that piece fits in with the rest of what was captured during the same moments…………






And finally, from Greg Palast:…..


[Los Angeles] When we were at Francis Polytechnic High in Sun Valley, Steve Paddock and I were required to take electrical shop class.  At Poly and our junior high, we were required to take metal shop so we could work the drill presses at the GM plant.  We took drafting.  Drafting like in “blueprint drawing.”

Paddock. Palast.  We sat next to each other at those drafting tables with our triangular rulers and #2 pencils so we could get jobs at Lockheed as draftsman drawing blueprints of fighter jets.  Or do tool-and-dye cutting to make refrigerator handles at GM where they assembled Frigidaire refrigerators and Chevys.

But we weren’t going to fly the fighter jets.  Somewhere at Phillips Andover Academy, a dumbbell with an oil well for a daddy was going to go to Yale and then fly our fighter jets over Texas.  We weren’t going to go to Yale.  We were going to go to Vietnam.  Then, when we came back, if we still had two hands, we went to GM or Lockheed.

(It’s no coincidence that much of the student population at our school was Hispanic.)

But if you went to “Bevvie” – Beverly Hills High – or Hollywood High, you didn’t take metal shop.  You took Advanced Placement French.  You took Advanced Placement Calculus.  We didn’t have Advanced Placement French.  We didn’t have French anything.  We weren’t Placed, and we didn’t Advance.

Steve was a math wizard.  He should have gone to UCLA, to Stanford.  But our classes didn’t qualify him for anything other than LA Valley College and Cal State Northridge.  Any dumbbell could get in.  And it was nearly free.  That’s where Steve was expected to go, and he went with his big math-whiz brain.
And then Steve went to Lockheed, like we were supposed to. Until Lockheed shut down plants in 1988.  Steve left, took the buy-out.

And after NAFTA, GM closed too.

Land of Opportunity?  Well, tell me:  who gets those opportunities?

Some of you can and some of you can’t imagine a life where you just weren’t give a fair chance.  Where the smarter you are, the more painful it gets, because you have your face pressed against the window, watching THEM.  THEY got the connections to Stanford.  THEY get the gold mine.  WE get the shaft.

This is where Paddock and Palast were bred:  Sun Valley, the anus of Los Angeles.  Literally.  It’s where the sewerage plant is.   It’s in a trench below the Hollywood Hills, where the smog settles into a kind of puke yellow soup.  Here’s where LA dumps its urine and the losers they only remember when they need cheap labor and cheap soldiers when the gusanos don’t supply enough from Mexico.

I’ll take you to Sun Valley. It’s in my film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. In the movie, a kind of dream scene, the actress Shailene Woodley takes me back to my family’s old busted home in the weeds and then down San Fernando Road, near Steve’s place. Take a look, America. Along the tracks that once led in to the GM plant, you see a bunch of campers that the union men bought for vacations. Now they live in them.

No, Steve’s brain was too big to end up on the tracks.  He lived in empty apartments in crappy buildings he bought, then in a barren tract house outside Reno.  I laugh when they say he was “rich.”  He wanted to be THEM, to have their stuff.  He got close.

It’s reported that Steve was a “professional gambler.” That’s another laugh. He was addicted to numbing his big brain by sitting 14 hours a day in the dark in front of video poker machines. He was a loser.  Have you ever met a gambler who said they were a Professional Loser?

It’s fair to ask me:  Why didn’t I end up in a hotel room with a bump-stock AR-15 and 5,000 rounds of high velocity bullets?

Because I have a job, a career, an OBSESSION:  to hunt down THEM, the daddy-pampered pricks who did this to us, the grinning billionaire jackals that make a profit off the slow decomposition of the lives I grew up with.

But I’m telling you, that I know it’s a very fine line, and lots of crazy luck, that divided my path from Paddock’s.

Dear Reader: The publication that pulled this story at the last moment was plain scared–that they’d be accused of approving murder.

Paddock slaughtered good people, coldly, with intense cruelty, destroying lives and hundreds of families forever.  If you think I’m making up some excuse for him, then I give up.

But also this:  The editor of the Beverly Hills-based publication, a Stanford grad, could not understand that, just like veterans of the Vietnam war who suffer from PTSD even today, so too, losers of the class war can be driven mad by a PTSD that lingers, that gnaws away, their whole lives.

 What happens to a dream deferred? Does it …fester like a sore? Does it stink like rotten meat? Sag…like a heavy load?

Or does it explode?

Steve, you created more horrors than your cornered life could ever justify.

But, I just have to tell you, Steve:  I get it.