JFK Assassination Records Release

Already, some of these documents
released by the Trump Administration
are destroying the official story about
the JFK assassination:

1) A mysterious call was placed to a
UK newspaper 25 minutes prior to
the JFK assassination, telling a reporter
to call the US Embassy in London to
learn about “something big” that was
about to happen in the US. The UK
intelligence service MI5 has since
confirmed that the reporter in question
was a reliable source with major

This story is strangely reminiscent of
the live BBC TV broadcast the evening
of September 11, 2001, in which the
reporter described the collapse of World
Trade Center Tower #7 twenty minutes
before it happened, as WTC7 stood in
full view behind her! Evidently, the US
Deep State has long strived to keep its
associates in the British Mainstream
Media apprised of all the breaking news!

2) Memos written by JFK to NASA and
to the CIA just 10 days before he was
assassinated instructed them to share
US reports on UFOs with Soviet leaders.
JFK expressed a concern that unidentified
craft (what he referred to as “unknowns”)
could accidentally set off a nuclear war.

3) An FBI Report on the then-Surgeon
General’s opinion that the fatal shot came
from in front of the Presidential Limousine,
not from the Texas School Book Depository,
from where accused assassin Lee Harvey
Oswald was supposed to have been
shooting. Anyone who has seen the bullet
wound beneath JFK’s Adam’s Apple already
knows that this is an entry wound and there
was no way it could have been fired from
behind the President.