Evil emperor

In the 1990s, I used to go to New York’s Chinatown to go bargain hunting. This was before the US’ manufacturing base had been exported to China and before the Chinese had developed marketing savvy. I’d buy soap made by the “Rose company” and I’d wonder why they even bothered branding anything if the factories were all state-owned?

I’ve been discovering that the American tech giants may be closer to that Communist soap company’s business model than to any “American” ideal of enterprise.

Thomas Paine from American Intelligence Media says, “Google does not make all that money from ads. That is a complete and absolute lie. It is DARPA’s Golden Child.”

He goes onto tell the tale of Eric Schmidt, who was an engineer at Bell Labs and who was brought into Google as so-called “adult supervision” during the early days. While there, he proceeded to acquire every single company that DARPA had backed and any company that won a contract with the Department of Defense, including Boston Dynamics, the creator of the Atlas warrior robot.

It’s the US corporate welfare model taken to an extreme, like Amazon’s business model, which relies on discounted US Postal Service rates and massive local tax subsidies for its new location. The companies acquired by Schmidt were built with US tax dollar money and he took them private, except that they’re still actually controlled by DARPA because of NSA’s back doors and kill switches.

Paine says that Google, like all of the other big Silicon Valley companies had to enable complete NSA, CIA and FBI surveillance (which is completely illegal) and Eric Schmidt not only controlled the last US presidential election through software called the Groundworks, he created 26 companies, some of the biggest most powerful, most evil companies in the face of the Earth.

Paine goes way deep into all of this and says, “Everything [Google] does is evil and is weaponized against us. It’s a military weapon, it’s a psyops experiment and manipulation-control, both for commercial and military purposes.”

It’s very interesting talk. Please consider using DuckDuckGo or Ecosia for your Internet searches! I do!