The CIA Democrats Want Your Vote


YouTuber Devon Stack who is retired from the military and who worked in security and in the administration of schools for decades is fast becoming my favorite video creator on his channel called Black Pilled. In this latest clip, he explores the CIA’s infiltration of the Democrats.

Of the 102 districts that the DNC is focusing on in the 2018 Midterm Elections, he says one quarter of the candidates running are intelligence agency operatives. Military intelligence candidates account for 10 of the 22 high-profile districts selected as part of the DNC’s “Red to Blue” program, so nearly half of the Democrat candidates set to receive massive funding are Deep State spies.

Black Pilled wonders if this is why the DNC has so far been able to evade prosecution and even investigation from the Deep State, because they’re part of the same apparatus. He says, “The Deep State that grew exponentially under Bush and then was allowed to run amok under Obama is now running for office – and the worst part is some of them are going to win.”