“Suicided”- Soaked in Bleach

Important videos ever for understanding the mechanics of how inconvenient people are “suicided.”

“Soaked in Bleach” is the single best account of how murders are staged and then “transformed” by idiot and/or corrupt cops and the news media into “suicides.”

Other examples:

Danny Casolaro…investigative journalist who documented Bush family crimes.

Reportedly cut his own wrist 10 to 12 times in a hotel room.

Gary Webb...investigative journalist who revealed details of CIA involvement in drug dealing

Reportedly shot himself in the head TWICE

Vince Foster…a long time Clinton friend and insider who was having second thoughts about his criminal collaborations with the Clintons

Reportedly shot himself with his right hand even though he was left handed.

Aaron Swartz...possibly the most effective Internet rights activist of all time

Reportedly hung himself after his attorney assured him that a trumped up federal government case against him was weak.

David Kelly...UK weapons inspector who publicly called into question the UK government’s fraudulent “proof” of Iraq’s weapons program

Reportedly cut his ulnar artery with a bread knife, a tool unlikely to do the job and on an artery an injury to which is unlikely to end anyone’s life.

JH Hatfield…had the goods on George W. Bush’s cocaine use

Reported suicide by drug overdose in a hotel room

Mark Lombardi…successful artist who documented connections between the Bush family and the Bin Ladens

Reportedly hung himself just as he was achieving significant commercial success and media attention.

Deborah Palfrey…the “DC Madam” who had over 10,000 client records including top Washington people.

Reportedly went to her mother’s home to hang herself in her storage shed.

Frank Olson…CIA scientist and biological warfare expert who declared his intention to quit

Reportedly jumped out of a hotel window as the result of a bad LSD trip nine days before.

They all committed suicide because they were “depressed.”

Not so fast.

As this documentary on the death of Kurt Corbain shows:

1. The “he was depressed” story is always injected into the media narrative early and often and rarely has any basis in fact. Sometimes, in the case of Kurt Cobain, it is carefully manufactured before the suicide is discovered.

2. Some targets may have been under significant stress, but had resilient personalities and in some cases had no reason to be depressed at all

3. Police in these cases are remarkably incompetent, declarations are made far in advance of any reasonable investigation, and essential evidence – including the body itself – is often destroyed.

4. False suicide notes are created.

The “suicide” of Kurt Cobain shows how sloppy and/or corrupt police work and media manipulation turn obvious homicide cases into “end of story” suicide accounts.

Kurt Cobain – level headed, down-to-earth.

Does he seem like someone likely to commit suicide?