Google Is Not a Search Engine-They Are An Approved Information Vendor

So after reading about Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and others removing conservative accounts from their web sites, I decided to check what happens when searching for this site on Google.  A couple of months ago when inputing the full address of this site into google, towards the top would be listed a few pages on this site.  Today I paged through *15* pages of search listings, and not a single entry for the *full* address of this site, “”.

This site is not conservative (more Libratarian), but I suspect the reason is that I have the word “conspiracy” in the headline-god forbid anyone say that word in a web post.

So you have the largest web monopoly dictating what you get to read-just like China.  If they do not like you, you do not get to participate, just like China.  The are no longer the purveyors of all information-only approved information, just like China.  Of course they have made censorship deals with China recently in the name of the holy dollar.

I put this site out their for my enjoyment, so Fuck you Google.  I do not depend, nor receive advertising dollars dependent on Google, so Fuck you Google.  I am refusing to use google search, instead Duck Duck Go.  maybe not quite as good, but at least it will pull up all the info, not just what Google wants to show me.

So in short, Fuck Google.  I can say that, Google doesn’t own me.