Who Believe Conspiracy Theorists?

The largest-ever study of conspiracy theories was recently conducted by Cambridge University in conjunction with YouGov, a market research and data analytics firm in the UK.

What the data say to me is that currently, people who are technically more “conservative” in the sense of being more conformist and unquestioning of authority are those who agree with the politics of the “Left”, while those who are more independent-minded and anti-Esablishment poll to the “Right”, which some may find surprising.

Joe Martino from Collective Evolution breaks down some figures:

Among voters responding to the following statement: “The truth about the harmful effects of vaccines is being deliberately hidden from the public,” 5% of Remainers agreed, 13% of Brexiters agreed, 9% of Hillary voters agreed and 25% of Trump voters agreed.

Responses to the following statement were also very revealing: “The idea of man-made Global Warming is a hoax invented to deceive people.” 2% of Remainers and 12% of Brexiters said yes, 2% of Hillary voters and 47% of Trump voters said yes.

Percentages of voters who don’t believe in any of the main “conspiracy theories”: 51% of Remainers, 29% of Brexiters, 50% of Hillary voters and 15% of Trump voters.