What Really Happened-Maga Hat Fake News Story

The Mainstream Media is now backpedaling away from the senseless personal destruction that they unleashed upon a group of Catholic high school boys last Saturday, after their false reporting in the NY Times, Time.com and the cable news triggered dozens of death threats, a hail of condemnation from Hollywood celebrities and the threat of expulsion from their school. The Truth Factory has put together this report about the making of this bogus narrative.
The MAGA hat-wearing students from Covington High School in Kentucky had just attended an anti-abortion march and were waiting for their bus ride home in front of the Lincoln Memorial when they were verbally assaulted by members of an extremist fringe of the Black Hebrew Israelites group, who screamed racist epithets like “Crackers” and “Incest children” at them. With the permission of their monitors, the boys responded with school spirit chants.
About an hour into this, Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam Vet from Michigan who’d been attending a separate Native American rally stepped into the mêlée and began banging his drum in the face of high schooler Nick Sandmann. Phillips said, “Something caused me to put myself between [them] – it was black and white. What I saw was my country being torn apart. I couldn’t stand by and let that happen.”
Sandmann was confounded but remained calm and smiled at Phillips. He says, “I was worried that a situation was getting out of control where adults were attempting to provoke teenagers. I believed that by remaining motionless and calm, I was helping diffuse [sic] the situation.”
The Mainstream Media however construed Sandmann’s posture as “taunting”, due to Nathan Phillips’ tear-stained, on-camera complaint filmed later, in which he claimed the boys exhibited a “mob mentality” and were chanting “Build that wall,” which the boys deny and of which there is no evidence in hours of cellphone video captured at the scene.
What’s amazing to me is how, missing from all of these reports is any discussion whatsoever about the real racists who set off this frenzy in the first place, namely the Black supremacist element of the Black Hebrew Israelites movement, whose radicalized members can be seen in large cities of the US any day of the week screaming at passersby in high-visibility places, like Manhattan’s Times Square and the National Mall in DC. According to the SPLC, the BHI “believe that Jews are devilish impostors and…whites [are] evil personified.”
I walked past this group every day for many years in the 1980s and 1990s. They’re so extreme, their antics could almost be mistaken for self parody if their hatred weren’t so palpable and vehement. City people know enough to ignore them and to not fuel their rage. The Covington boys’ chaperones should have moved them away.
In my opinion, the Black Hebrew Israelites movement needs to do some soul-searching, for allowing this hateful element to fester among their ranks for decades.
As for the professional journalists who used their platforms to lie about high school kids, doxx them and try to ruin their lives, they deserve to be censured, if not fired in some cases.
For his part, Sandmann thanked Phillips for his [military] service and said he is “grateful to anyone who puts on the uniform to defend our nation. I harbor no ill will for [Phillips]. I respect this person’s right to engage in free speech activities, and I support his chanting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial any day of the week. I believe he should re-think his tactics of invading the personal space of others, but that is his choice to make.”