Society of Slaves

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I was in a restaurant the other day and heard a couple talking. “Maybe I should go back to using DOS.”, he said. “They can’t tap DOS.” It’s now something we have to think about, talk over with our friends, wonder if they are listening to us. Is the NSA monitoring this blog? At what point do they get really interested. With that in mind I’m going to make some statements and see if you agree.

A watched person is not a free person. – We take our liberty for granted. There was a time when we didn’t even think about if the government was watching. Now we have to wonder what they see and what they care about. Just knowing that makes me feel not free.

Secret Courts means rule of law is dead – America was founded as a nation that was created by the will of the people for the sole purpose of serving the people. When they can just tell you to do anything they want just because they can, that’s not freedom. America was founded on the principle of rule of law based on the Constitution. The FISA court has nullified the Constitution.

Debt is a form of Slavery – In 2008 America was scammed out of trillions of dollars by thousands of bankers. The Obama administration has prosecuted none of them. When bankers steal and the government allows it then they are an accomplice in the theft. And who’s debt is it now? They tell us we the people owe it. $50,000 per person. They have created artificial debt and are trying to make us indentured servants. And the terms of the debt is that we have to surrender our freedom.

Two classes of people – the watchers and the watched – The spy society has created two classes of people, the watchers and the watched. The watchers are effectively our masters and we are effectively the servant class. “They” get to see what we are doing and their secret courts control enforcement. But – there’s nothing to worry about. Just be a Patriot and believe everything they tell you, even when they tell you they are lying to you.

Forcing people to lie is a dictatorship – I host this web site for John Dvorak. I have access to his email. I can tell you that I know for a fact that I’m not sending the NSA John’s email. However, if I were given a national security letter and ordered to tap John’s email, I would be required to lie to you and say the same thing. I am required by law to lie and it’s a felony if I tell the truth. Therefore when I tell John Dvorak that I’m not tapping his email, my word means nothing. When someone’s word can not be trusted they are a liar, even if I never lie. America requires me to be a liar. I am not free.

I think slavery is something that is taught. I think that they are trying to reprogram society. They want us to willingly give up our freedom. They want to impose debt on us telling us we have to give up our freedoms.One of the proudest moments of my life was last Saturday when liberal Democrat party loyalists booed Nancy Pelosi sending her a message that we’re not going along for the sake of the party. Pelosi can go back to Washington and tell Obama that the peasants aren’t buying the story. I think the time has come for Occupy Wall Street to join hands with the Tea Party and tell the Cheney/Obama administration that the insanity will have to stop. Let us decide as a nation that we choose freedom and the rule of law and a constitutional government. No spying, no secret courts, no secret laws. Rich people go to jail too. No watchers and the watched. We need to say no and make no stick.