NSA Today-German Chancellor’s Phone Bugged For 10 Years! No Mention of Anti NSA Rally In Any US News-Only In Europe

You cannot read any US news source for any info whatsoever. No mention of anti-NSA rally in any of the big 4 online “news” pages. I can find out what Kim Kardashian is wearing for underwear, or what dancing with the stars did, or other brain-less bullshit, but if I want to see 1,000’s of people marching on the nation’s capital, that is not news-because the NSA says it is not news. Defund the NSA! So here is your news from that bastion of freedom (not) Britain, Including a VIDEO clip of the anti spy march in Washington: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/26/nsa-surveillance-brazil-germany-un-resolution