NBC-National Bullshit Corp – 500 Kids Killed From Guns Every Year

With a picture of a cute white kid on the page-what terrible news! No, idiots, of those 500 killed per year, probably close to 400 of them are young teenage thugs from the CITY where our fearless national leader calls home. A city with the TOUGHEST gun laws in the country, A city run by jew Mayor Emanuel. Most of those “innocent kids” (insert cute baby picture) are the result of teenage thugs randomly walking around shooting their guns, not cute 4 year olds accidently getting into dad’s gun cabinet and shooting themselves. Nice try, National Bullshit Corp. http://www.nbcnews.com/health/terrible-tally-500-children-dead-gunshots-every-year-7-500-8C11469222 Will McAnaul, a 2009 gunshot victim