Obama: Time to Resign

> President Obama’s 2008 campaign ran > on promises to roll back any Executive > Orders made by George W. Bush that > were deemed to be unconstitutional, > such as the Patriot Act. > > Instead, he codified the Patriot Act – > into the far more draconian National > Defense Authorization Act, which allows > for the indefinite detention and the > assassination of US citizens, without > due process. > > And the the list goes on. And on: > > Thousands of drone strikes in countries > where we have no declared wars, killing > far more innocent women and children > than their intended “terrorist” targets; > his outright abuse of the Espionage Act – > only ten people in American history have > been charged with espionage, seven of > them under Barack Obama – in his War > on Whistleblowers (or “Heroes”, as I like > to think of them, including Snowden, > Manning, Assange, Kiriakou, Drake, etc.); > Operation Fast & Furious, also resulting in > hundreds of innocent deaths; the NSA’s > wiretapping of every human being on the > planet and storing it ALL in their new > Wyoming facility, where these recordings > await a future time when the unwitting > victims of these recordings may one day > run afoul of one corrupt government official > or another, to have these recordings > construed to their liking, as “evidence” > against erstwhile private citizens, minding > their own business…and I could keep going > – but you could bet your bottom dollar that I, > like the young man in this video did not vote > for ANY of this stuff (although, you couldn’t > have paid me to vote for McCain). > > So much fro “Freedom.” At least I still get > to broadcast these words, which serve > merely as a “limited hangout” that diffuses > the increasingly pent-up rage of the People > of the United States, over heinous and > unforgivable acts, perpetrated by our > government, in our name but without our > notification or consent. > > Obama promised to have the most > transparent Administration in US history, > yet records about his past, including those > of his wife remain sealed, as if their > contents were a matter of Cosmic > Clearance. > > One would wonder why! Even a seemingly > prosaic line item in Obama’s public Bio; that > he attended New York’s Columbia University, > after transferring from LA’s Occidental College > has been hotly contested by a would-be > classmate, Wayne Allyn Root, who noted: > > “I just returned from New York, where I > attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. > I celebrated with my esteemed classmates. > Everyone except Barack Obama. As usual – > he wasn’t there. Not even a video greeting > [this was written soon after Obama’s first > election, where this might be expected]. Not > a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing. > But worse, no one at our 30th reunion ever > met him. The President of the United States > is the ghost of Columbia University.” > > Yet recently, Obama defended his statements > that his would be the most transparent in US > History, despite the fact that he ended his > first term with the least amount of press > conferences since Reagan (here are the > numbers: President Obama – 79 President > George W. Bush – 89 President Bill Clinton > – 133 President George H. W. Bush – 143 > President Reagan – 27). > > When pressed, he and his representatives, > such as the newly-appointed Director of > Central Intelligence, Stephen Preston and > Pentagon Senior Counsel, Jeh Johnson make > no bones about the fact that US Citizens > deemed to be “at war with the United States” > would be targeted for assassination, under > the NDAA. (But just how such a determination > would be made that they would be “at war” > must be some kind of secret).