Land of the Free

What is going on with the latest roll-out of hardware in rural locales, such as this one, in New Hampshire? Iraq Veteran, Marine Colonel Marino speaks truth to Power at a Concord, New Hampshire Government hearing this past August, regarding its acquisition of an expensive tank-type vehicle. He shares his alarm, also shared with him by a brother-in-arms in the Iraq War, based in Boston. His associate observed the excessive antics of the DHS in Watertown, Massachusetts, as they purportedly chased down a singular 19 year old, outfitted with the same uniforms and equipment they used against entire Iraqi legions, only of a different color. Meanwhile, the 19 year old now stands charged for the “Boston Marathon Massacre,” although the circumstances of his capture would certainly have assured his death – and friends of who attended “his” arraignment avowed that the “suspect” being arraigned was *not him*. The prosecutor in the case of “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev” is the same woman as the one who so aggressively pursued Aaron Swartz’s activities of sharing scientific papers from an MIT digital library, which lacked security protocols. Swartz’s intentions were simply to share important scientific studies with those without the means to attend MIT. Swartz hanged himself (though some maintain he was murdered), in the face of decades in jailtime and tens of millions of dollars in fines. Welcome to America. Land of the Free.