Jeremy Hammond-Sentenced to 10 years Fed Pen for Whistle Blowing On A PRIVATE Gov’t Contractor

Statement on Jeremy Hammond’s Sentencing Verdict Read the full statement here:

By Alexa O’Brien on November 15, 2013

“A specter is haunting the West– A specter of what some call dissent– This specter of dissent is largely unarticulated in our public discourse– Obscured, as it were– by the bare-knuckled extremities on the left and right hands of our corporate politic– Peaceable assemblies are called unlawful mobs; Distributed denial-of-service sit-ins on publicly available websites are called cyber-attacks; Disclosing documents to a journalist or publisher, which reveal government and corporate wrong-doing and criminality is called espionage and computer fraud and abuse; Aiding in the independent dissemination of large datasets of suppressed information onto the Internet is called wanton publication and aiding the enemy; Reporting on the U.S. global war on terror by interviewing former GTMO detainees or providing proof of secret U.S. cluster bombing in Yemen is called “substantial support for terrorism”; Making documentary films about one’s confinement at GTMO after being detained for years without charges or trial is called “terrorist recidivism”. In actuality, this specter of dissent is an inevitable consequence of the system in which it haunts. A system based on the brutal and arbitrary application of power– When we examine this so-called dissent more closely, it is neither dissent nor is it a specter–it is the embodiment of the simplest aims of life. It is incarnate in the acts of conscience of individuals like Chelsea Manning and Jeremy Hammond, and in the millions of people across the globe who showed up to public squares from Tahrir to Wall Street because they thought for one second that they could participate authentically in the social contract as free men and women. These acts of so-called dissent do not spring from a marketing campaign or a brand– They spring from a desire to influence one’s own destiny– to make genuine contributions to civilization– to engage the intelligence and genuine good will of others–and to try to remedy the myriad ills and abuses of a corrupt and illegitimate system, which preys on the resources and spirits of people. They are as natural to men and women as breathing–“….