Mossad, False Flags and 911

Former Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent, Alan Hart says on air that Israeli Mossad did 9/11 and much more, in his revealing interview with Kevin Barrett. Alan explains his theory that what initially began as an all-Muslim operation, which, like all local groups and governments in the countries surrounding Israel, it was infiltrated by the Israeli version of the CIA, the MOSSAD. Then, he says, they let the “bad guys” at the CIA know about it – and the US Zionists “..and the Neo-Cons,” who were controlling the Bush Administration, at the time said, “‘Hey, let’s use it.'” He goes onto explain why he believes the Towers were brought down by controlled demolition and not by the planes, according to the official 9/11 fantasy. …and there’s more, but you’ve got to watch it!