Boston Bombing Hoax – Explained in 6 Minutes

Here’s six minutes that highlight the extraordinary irregularities surrounding this case. These are the facts of the case: 1. It’s now admitted (June 2013) that there was a police bomb training at the EXACT time and location where the “bombs” when off 2. The captured brother was videotaped carrying a WHITE, not a black one 3. An eye witness reported that the killed brother was hit by a police car and then shot – he was not run over by his fleeing brother 4. The captured brother was photographed functional and non-bloody when he surrendered. He went to the hospital on a gurney, covered in blood with a wound to his throat so serious he was put in intensive care 5. One of the friends of the accused – who was unarmed and on crutches – was shot by an FBI agent SEVEN times during an interview and this murder is still unexplained. The original report said he attached the agent with a samurai sword. A lie. If you still think Boston was real, watch this: The story of the Boston “hero” – See more at: 1/boston-bombing-hoax-explained-in-6-minutes.html#sthash.j6fexX5H.dpuf