How FBI / CIA / NSA Murdered a Reporter

Michael Hastings warned his coworkers that the FBI was investigating him. Hours later he was dead. His body was later cremated, without his family’s permission. Hastings was a rare breed of reporter: he was brave, and he told the truth, no matter the consequences. His 2010 Rolling Stone article took down US general Stanley McChrystal, and he was working on a new, possibly more damaging piece – so damaging he wouldn’t reveal to his wife what he was working on, to protect her. He faced death threats for his work, and many believe the threats were finally carried out. These clips were broadcast on a mainstream station – CW6 San Diego – although the reporter mentions that most media outlets were ignoring the story. And no wonder – she received a threat herself for her coverage, and if Hastings death was a warning, of course other reporters are going to take heed.