The Big Freeze

Many people are outraged about the mere mention human-caused “Global Warming” – and they’re correct, because this phenomenon is at least Solar-System-wide; the increased luminosity of the gas giants and the increasing temperatures of all of our neighboring planets are also currently being observed. There is also the under-reported news that the Solar System has been traveling through an area of the Milky Way galaxy that is higher in plasma and charged particles than ever previously recorded – which may be the likely cause of the above-mentioned and other phenomena, including the slow geomagnetic reversal of the Earth’s poles, as the Solar System completes the process of crossing the Galactic Equator, which began several years ago and which will be complete by 2016. This process appears to have been understood by the Maya of Central America, thousands of years ago – but the means by which they appeared to do so, we don’t currently understand.