Michael Hayden Lies, Lies and More Lies…He Never Quits

In this disturbing exchange, we see former head of the NSA, General Michael Hayden, argue with reporter Jonathan Landay that the words “probable cause” are not found in the Fourth Amendment. This may be true, in the schizoid parallel universe, in which Hayden inhabits. But let it be known, that the language of the true-blue 4th Amendment DOES include the requirement of “probable cause” for any “unreasonable search and seizure,” which includes the dragnet capture and storage of all Americans’ digital communications and trifling transactions, in addition to the same of many non-Americans by an entity of the US Government. HERE Is the 4th Amendment, in Its Entirety: *THE 4TH AMENDMENT* *”THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO BE **SECURE IN THEIR PERSONS, HOUSES, **PAPERS AND EFFECTS AGAINST **UNREASONABLE SEARCHES AND **SEIZURES SHALL NOT BE VIOLATED, **AND NO WARRANTS SHALL ISSUE BUT * *UPON ***PROBABLE CAUSE***, * *SUPPOSED BY OATH OF AFFIRMATION, **AND PARTICULARLY DESCRIBING THE **PLACE TO BE SEARCHED, AND **PARTICULARLY THE PERSONS OR **THINGS TO BE SEIZED.”* None of which the NSA’s dragnet PRISM system is upholding, in any way, shape or form – they are simply availing themselves of EVERYTHING – and the founding laws and principles of the US Government, be damned! *This news segment was broadcast before **May 31, 2006.* Keith Olbermann has long since been fired from his job as a news anchor on MSNBC, a cable news station which was then and is still widely criticized as being “out-of-touch” from “real American values,” derisively and is humorously referred to as “MSLSD” by some. Yet, this “ultra Liberal” news outlet fired their anchorman, over his patriotic expressions of disgust, at the illegal direction in which our government was headed, which he made very clear, nightly to millions of viewers in the US. Olbermann has since been blackballed by the industry and will never work in the MSM, ever again and he’s now relegated to holding down two small jobs as a sports announcer on a little-watched program broadcast by ESPN-2, as well as on a TBS show that covers post-season baseball. There are no more anchormen to argue against the psychopathic liars in our government, who would take the current President to task, when it was he who ordered the recently-released report on CIA torture, to begin with; a report which reveals countless sick and disgusting violations of the Geneva Conventions by US military-intelligence personnel, carried out on a mass scale and conducted for over a decade – yet, in the words of former CIA agent, Ray McGovern, “[Obama] could not muster the courage to fire those who managed and carried out a…policy of torture on an industrial scale – much less try to find some way to hold senior officials of the Bush/Cheney administration accountable.” At least, there’s still Ray McGovern, to write such articles for ConsortiumNews.com.

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