Snopes Finally Exposed as CIA Operation

    We have investigative journalist Wayne Madsen to thank for checking the facts on the most well-known of “fact-checking” websites and confirming what many had suspected for years since the 1995 founding of….

The CIA Democrats Want Your Vote

  YouTuber Devon Stack who is retired from the military and who worked in security and in the administration of schools for decades is fast becoming my favorite video creator on his channel called Black…

Evil emperor

In the 1990s, I used to go to New York’s Chinatown to go bargain hunting. This was before the US’ manufacturing base had been exported to China and before the Chinese had developed marketing savvy….

To Infect and Protect

Jacob Appelbaum speaks at the 30th Annual Chaos Communication Congress at Hamburg in December of 2013. Appelbaum was one of the few people who were given access to some of the Top Secret Ed Snowden…

Show Us Your Papers

“Show me your papers” That was the line Nazis were typecast as using in the movies. Well, if you’re anywhere within 100 miles of a US border, Homeland Security wants to give you the same…