How to Reduce Cholesterol Oxidation

From Dr Gregor, Chicken, fish, and egg powder in processed foods present greater risk from cholesterol oxidation byproducts, but there are things you can do to reduce exposure.

Snopes Finally Exposed as CIA Operation

    We have investigative journalist Wayne Madsen to thank for checking the facts on the most well-known of “fact-checking” websites and confirming what many had suspected for years since the 1995 founding of….

“Suicided”- Soaked in Bleach

Important videos ever for understanding the mechanics of how inconvenient people are “suicided.” “Soaked in Bleach” is the single best account of how murders are staged and then “transformed” by idiot and/or corrupt cops and…

Israel / Palestine Conflict -Staying Neutral?

  Staying neutral in controversial situations is the moral high ground, right? Wrong. It’s the exact opposite. Author and inspirational speaker Anna Baltzer explains how neutrality is a dangerous trap — and an illusion. Taking…

Why Syrians Support Bashar al Assad

Taken From GlobalResearch: The sudden reversion of Washington to a ‘war on terror’ pretext for intervention in Syria has confused western audiences. For three years they watched ‘humanitarian intervention’ stories, which poured contempt on the…

The CIA Democrats Want Your Vote

  YouTuber Devon Stack who is retired from the military and who worked in security and in the administration of schools for decades is fast becoming my favorite video creator on his channel called Black…

The Weaponization of Social Media

Given what a powerful platform it is for activism and self-expression, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that social media is being studied by government agencies to find the most effective ways to make official…

The Epic Saga of a Smart Meter Opt-out-OMG

This is a hair-raising documentary by Truthstream Media’s Aaron and Melissa Dykes about the bureaucratic marathon involved in opting out of the Oncor SmartMeter installed in their Texas home. The bizarre antics and intimidation tactics…

Evil emperor

In the 1990s, I used to go to New York’s Chinatown to go bargain hunting. This was before the US’ manufacturing base had been exported to China and before the Chinese had developed marketing savvy….

NASA Trickery and the Apollo Moon Missions

This video sourced from several documentaries exhaustively proves numerous instances of fakery and obfuscation in NASA’s depictions of the Apollo Lunar Landings. The special effects of the 1960s were far less sophisticated than those today….